When in prison


So many of you readers know that I was in prison for a good month and 17 days, yes you read that right (waiting for you all to judge me). A lot of people ask me ‘what is it like being in prison, is it okay if I ask you about prison’?

Honestly I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve been to prison, yes I did a mistake and yes I got punished for it, isn’t that how it works, THE LAW. For those wanting to know why did I go in, NO I DID NOT ROB, KILL, DO DRUGS OR SELL DRUGS, I merely drove a car (mom’s not stolen) without license, yes if you are from K-TOWN that’s a huge offense, it’s not India where you can slip a 100rs and get away with it, you get deported for shit like this bro!

Anyways, so this is how I got behind bars, one friday afternoon during the prayer I decided to go for a drive, who knew this would be a very god damn long drive. So, as I was driving not far from home, roads clear, the sound of prayer, and the 50 degree scorching heat, 5 minutes to driving and the only car that decided to be on the road was a police car (fml). I was driving pretending like I didn’t notice the cop, but sadly he noticed me, stopped me, asked me for my license (didn’t have one) and when I told him I didn’t have one, he asked me to get outta the car and to sit in his car, I quietly went and sat in his car without arguing, he stood outta the car with a phone next to his ear, and me I literally almost pissed my pants sitting in the car. He then sat in the car and drove me to the main traffic department (shuwaikh) and took to the head of the dept (btw my mom’s car was towed and impounded). As I stood in front of the head with a shirt that said FCUK YOU and beach shorts and .500 fills MAX slippers, without hesitation he signed my deportation papers and boom, I was driven to the deportation jail in 15 minutes. As i walked in jail, my parents, my brother and my sister law stood there with the worst sight they could see, their son/brother in handcuffs. They told my parents straight ‘I’m sorry but his deportation papers have been signed and there’s nothing you can do about it” and took me in. As they were taking me to my cell (they had taken my civil id, wallet, money and my phone at the entrance) I entered what looked like hell, people screaming, starring, crying and wooing seeing a 21-year-old boy walk with handcuffs in his hand.

What is like being inside you ask? You share a cell with 14/15 people, people accused of drug dealing, rape, no visa etc. You get food twice a day (rice, dal, cheese, eggs, juice, laban, dates, water) Oh and I learned how to FRENCH INHALE in prison since there’s not much you can do there. Every week they make each cell (15 people) clean the whole prison and trust me that became fun after a few days of staying inside, but the only problem is, picture this, 15 people cleaning phase one of the Avenues Mall, that’s how big the prison was. There were no phone calls allowed or any sort of communication with the outside world (only family visits on Tuesday’s 9am-11am) but I made a few really good friends inside that helped make a call or two everyday to my mom and dad. My everyday was eat, sleep, mentally kill myself and PRAY.

Now my fam outside were trying everything in their power to get me out, this is the phase in your life where you know who your real friends are and who are those friends who speak beautiful words about you (sarcasm) when you are inside. Oh, you have no idea the stuff I heard about my so called friends when I got outside prison from mom and dad. FAMILY IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL HAVE YOUR BACK NO MATTER WHAT. That time your back up’s, your vasta and your pasta are nowhere to be seen, take this by me.

Finally after 1 month and 17 days, I was out.

I got out morning 11am, first time seeing sunlight after 47 days. I shivered the time I stepped outta the prison, it’s a feeling nothing in this world can give, FREEDOM.

So yeah then things got back to normal and everybody lived happily ever after.



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  1. Hey there!
    First of all, lemme tell you, that it’s SO AMAZING that you decided to share those with the world. It takes a real man and real guts to accept their mistakes and own it. And the fact that you’re not ashamed to share it with others shows what kind of a person you are.
    Honestly,this really inspired me.
    I always wondered what it was like inside and it wasn’t something I even thought I wondered about.
    But you gave me an answer.
    And I’m so glad you could finally get to see everyone’s true face.
    As they say, whatever happens is for the better.
    I am sure you came out stronger and better.
    May God bless you ☺️

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  2. Honestly I really admire you speaking out and feeling sorry for what happened. However deportation for driving a car without license and small small things is way to inhumane for a person living so long in a country. I was born there, studied and worked been 26 years and when i hit maturity age i realized how much of racism was there biased per country, The country gave decent amount of salary but same time in my heart i felt like i was in a prison with open gates and your detained for small things, The procedures in law enforcement and you getting hushed out of police station when your in trouble cause you look Asian its upsetting when i was a kid i thought its my motherland rather did i know the national anthem i sang for 18 years with pride would treat me and others that way. I made my mind that enough is enough a man is a man if he is respected. So being the eldest supporting Kid i left Kuwait hoping to go one day i only go for visit family and friends. You can go through hardship in life but going through hardship and being ignored and disrespected nah. You are treated far better in other countries other than middle east. Its true i still love Kuwait always will its my birthplace and every part of me shares a piece from there but i hope the thinking becomes modern with this 21st century era. I hope the country prosper but prospering in economy and not likely happiness of the people living inside is not true prosper.

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  3. I personally have no sympathy for anybody that does dumb sh*t like driving without a licence here, knowing full well the consequences. I don’t understand all these comments of ‘respect’ and ‘so lit’…whats so ‘lit’ about somebody breaking the law and then going to jail!? Would it have been lit and admirable had he caused an accident and harmed or killed somebody, while driving without a licence?? Aside from that, people need to follow the laws and rules in general, that should be ten fold when staying in a country that isn’t yours.
    Like yeah, you probably learned a lot from this screw up (I hope, at least), and you’re so lucky it was just a month AND you didn’t get deported. But I can’t possible say much more than have some respect and just stay out of trouble,

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    1. You telling me that it was a dumb shit move doesn’t change the fact that I know it already. Another thing is, I wrote this blog post not for your SYMPATHY or anyone else’s, I wrote it cuz I can and wanted too. If people find it ‘Litt’ or ‘Shit’ doesn’t change anything.

      Cheers x


      1. @anotherinkedexpat beautifully said, man!

        There is no tolerance for things like these. You risk not only your life but the lives of others. On another note, I truly sympathize with your folks’ brother. Must have been grueling to them.

        God bless, and get a freaking license!

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    2. I’m sure most of the comments about the post being “lit” or “respecting” him weren’t about the fact that he did a mistake and went to jail. Obviously no one condones that.
      It was about the fact that he owned up to it and posted about it to spread awareness.
      We all know it was a mistake – no one praised him for that.
      I know for a fact that I learnt a few things from this.
      I honestly believe that if you don’t have anything nice to say about anyone then you should just keep quiet.
      And what is your sympathy going to do anything to him?
      What you’re saying is right… it was a mistake, but is it really necessary to bring it up like that?
      Thank you x

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